Access Panels are, briefly, doors or hatches which provide access into to a space or void in a wall or ceiling. The only real difference between a Loft Hatch and an Access Panel is that Loft Hatches are usually insulated (although not always). On most occasions, Access Panels are installed for convenient access to plumbing components, electrical outlets, or circuit boxes whereas Loft Hatches tend to be larger panels fitted to gain access into the loft/attic area within a domestic property.

At Trade Access Panels, we can also offer Riser Doors which are larger Access Panels. These are usually installed into walls, lift shaft walls and drywall partitions to gain access to electrical and mechanical services. these are often required for office blocks, hotel and hospitals but are less frequently required for the domestic property.

When looking to install a specific Access Panel for access to electrical components, we would recommend using our TAP51/060/MD/PF/3WL Access Panel which is Fire Rated from both the front (face) and rear (back) of the panel. As standard, almost all Access Panels on the market today are only Fire Rated from the face, and therefore would only help reduce the spread of the fire if this occurred in front of the panel; whereas we believe that a fire is equally as likely to start from behind the panel due to possible electrical issues, hence the development of this bespoke panel.

If you are looking to install Access Panels for plumbing and pipework, we would recommend installing the FlipFix Access Panel range which is one of the simplest and most convenient Access Panels to fit on the market today due to the revolutionary FlipFix device which negates the need to baton out the aperture prior to installation; thus saving on average 20 mins per panel to install!  The FlipFix Access Panel range are available in a selection of stock sizes and can also be made to measure if required (subject to size requirements).

Or alternatively our discrete Plasterboard door access panels, these offer a flush discrete finish once installed as you can skim (plaster) over both the door and the frame.

You may also be interested to know that we can offer Tile Door Access Panels which might also be of interest if you are looking to gain discrete access to pipework within a kitchen or bathroom. These are made to measure; all we would need to know is the size of the structural opening (the hole in the wall) and the tile size/thickness and that of the grout and/or adhesive.

Access Panel for Plumbing