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Access Panels for Plumbing and Electrical Equipment

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Access Panels are, briefly, doors or hatches which provide access into to a space or void in a wall or ceiling. The only real difference between a Loft Hatch and an Access Panel is that Loft Hatches are usually insulated (although not always).

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Natural Ventilation within the Workplace & Home

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Whilst globally we try to develop a vaccine for COVID-19, you may have heard on the news that Scientists have been looking to create approaches that can assist in reducing the spread of viruses within the workplace and domestic environments.

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How to Install Loft Hatch?

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When it comes to planing on how to install Loft Hatch, the process is quite simple, especially if you possess basic skills in carpentry. While there are a couple of safety measures that you need to follow, the good part about such installations is that you will not require any expensive or complicated tools to complete your project.

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How Do Sun Tunnels Work - Sun Tunnel FAQs

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At Trade Access Panels we are often asked questions regarding SUNPIPES and how do sun tunnels work. Please see our guide below where we have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions.

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Building Regulations For skylights - Rooflights FAQs Answered

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At Trade Access Panels we are often asked questions regarding Flat Glass Rooflights. We have tried to jot down the most frequently asked questions in an effort to assist you however if you should require any further information or assistance then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our sales team accordingly.

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