No 1 Office Productivity Hack: Natural Light

With the amount of time that an employee spends in an office, it is vital that the office environment is of high standards. Many studies have concluded that there is a significant linkage between employees’ productivity and the quality of their surroundings.

Office work is often very demanding visually. In most cases, the visual strain is a result of staring at computer screens for extended periods of time. For this reason an office needs to be adequately lit in order to reduce the stress on employees’ vision.

Another factor that has a massive bearing on employees’ well-being is ventilation. The number of studies on building structures versus productivity in recent years shows that more and more businesses are starting to appreciate an overall comfort of the working and its impact on productivity.

Important of natural lighting in an office

People who work in an office with poor lighting are more likely to encounter different light-related health complaints. Some of the most common ones in such environments include headaches, eye strain, and general malaise. By allowing more natural light into the office environment, while at the same time reducing reliance on fluorescent lighting, many of these health issues can be alleviated.

Productivity hack

Office managers should consider daylight as an amenity that should be in abundant supply in the office. Natural light is not just for performance benefits but also for the overall wellbeing of all members of staff. In fact, with the rising prominence of equity and justice matters, we shouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing guidelines on minimum standards of exposure to natural light in office environments!

Natural light cost nothing

In addition to natural light contributing to the general welfare of office occupants, it is also free of charge. This means that as long as you have enough natural lighting, you will always pay less in electricity bills for use of artificial lighting.

How do we ensure that everyone gets enough natural lighting?

Regardless of building designs or types, there are several practical things that businesses can do in order to ensure that there are sufficient amounts of natural lighting in workstations inside their buildings. Fitting skylights, sun tunnels or rooflights are some of the efficient and affordable ways to make sure that there is enough exposure to natural light and fresh air in the workplace.

These are revolutionary ways to direct light from rooftops into building interiors and they are very cost effective. They are also suitable for all types of settings. For example, a rooflight can be installed on a residential or commercial building.

With the benefits to be accrued from having daylight in the office, these are certainly worthy additions to help everyone enjoy their work in a work-friendly environment. With so many benefits, these capital expenditure items certainly do pay back within a matter of days.


The importance of natural lighting in the workplace is becoming more apparent as more studies are conducted on this topic. At Trade Access Panels, we definitely recognise the linkage between natural lighting and proper ventilation with overall productivity. We provide some of the most innovative products in the market to help you provide sufficient lighting for everyone in your environment. Please contact us or browse our website for more information.