Whilst globally we try to develop a vaccine for COVID-19, you may have heard on the news that Scientists have been looking to create approaches that can assist in reducing the spread of viruses (including COVID-19) within the workplace and domestic environments (coronavirus ventilation in buildings).

Scientists have revealed that the safest place to be to be is outdoors; however, when this is not possible then the safest indoor spaces are those with a high level of outside air replacing the stale inside air. This is of course easily achieved within the summer months by opening windows and doors etc, however it is a little trickier in the winter (especially in the UK) when the inclement weather conditions can make this much harder.

Many people across the UK spend on average up to one-third of their lives at work; many of them working indoors (mainly within office buildings and the like). However, many of these builders were constructed some years ago and ventilation was not a key priority at that time.

Within most office buildings, indoor air is made up of around only 25% “outside air”. The rest is made up of recirculated and/or filtered air, which means it has already been breathed by the other occupants previously. If this indoor air is not regularly exchanged, it can contain greater levels of pollutants than outside air, according to studies by the Environmental Protection Agency. Natural ventilation can be a very simple and effective way to assist in releasing this bad “indoor air” and encourage the “good” outside air to be exchanged within the property.

And even better use of natural ventilation would be to incorporate a Rooflight which offers both Natural Ventilation and Natural Daylight; both of which have been proven to be highly beneficial to the health and wellbeing of the occupants. a perfect example would be a Manual Ventilation Rooflight or Electrically Operated Ventilation Rooflight complete with trickle vents.

At Trade Access Panels, we offer a variety of Rooflight options which will incorporate the benefits of Natural Daylight and Natural Ventilation which are available in Glass or Polycarbonate in a variety of sizes.

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