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Fire Rated Riser Door from Both Sides -Smoke seals

Fire Rated Riser Door from Both Sides -Smoke seals
Fire Rated Riser Door from Both Sides -Smoke seals
Fire Rated Riser Door from Both Sides -Smoke seals
Fire Rated Riser Door from Both Sides -Smoke seals
Fire Rated Riser Door from Both Sides -Smoke seals
Fire Rated Riser Door from Both Sides -Smoke seals
Fire Rated Riser Door from Both Sides -Smoke seals
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Sizes over 900mm must be hinged on the long side


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Please provide the following information:-

  • What is your preferred opening option: touch catch, budget lock with hinge or lift out door?
  • What is the size of your tile (including thickness)?
  • What is the adhesive thickness?
  • What quantity do you require?
  • Does it need to be hinged long or short side?
  • Any other special requirements? ( we can make pretty much any panel any size any type)

Fire Rated Riser Door with smoke seals

Our new TAP51 range of bespoke Fire Rated Riser Doors are not only Fire Tested up to 2-hours from both the face and the rear of the panel to ensure the spread of fire is contained on either side of the door but are also smoke sealed as standard.

Please make sure that the Structural Opening Size (hole in the wall into which the panel is to be installed) is at least 7mm larger than the panel size, back of frame size (e.g. 900x600mm panel size requires a 907x607mm hole size).   

All of our Riser Doors are manufactured here in the UK and are fitted with a three-point locking system which is operated by way of a 3-way lock other locking options are available upon request.

Our Riser Doors have been specially designed, and fire tested specifically for use in riser shafts running through multi-storey buildings to help prevent fire escaping from and into riser shafts. 

Our Riser Doors are powder-coated in RAL9010 as standard with the ability to be finished in almost any RAL colour as required alongside the option of dust-primed for on-site decoration if preferred.


Wall Access Panel, Fire rated from both sides, Supplied with the Rapid Fit Hinge System, 1.2mm Thick Door Leaf, 1.5mm Thick Frame,2 Hour Fire Rated, Metal Faced Door, 25mm wide Picture Frame, 3 Point Locking System, Single Door Unit, Smoke Tested, Powder Coated RAL 9010 30% Gloss, the 1st dimension stated is the hinge side. This panel has a Fire Test Certificate up to 2400x900mm from the front & rear in a Wall application covered by Fire Certificate Number 503796 tested in accordance with BSEN 1634-1: 2014 + A1:2018.Anything above these sizes will be manufactured to the same construction as tested. This Panel is Smoke tested covered by Certificate Number WYC504480 tested in accordance with BS EN1634-3: 2004. 


The Panel is 2 Hour Fire Rated for integrity from both sides up to 2400X900mm in a wall application tested in accordance with BS EN 1634-


The Panel is Smoke tested in accordance with BS EN 1634-3: 2004.


Draught Seals YES Smoke Seals YES Air Seals NO Acoustic Seals NO Intumescent Seals YES


The TAP51-120S-MD-PF-3WL is manufactured from Zintec Steel with a 1.2mm thick Door and a 1.5mm Frame. The panels door leaf is hinged by a

Fast Fit Hinge System which saves time on fitting compared to a Full Piano Hinge system.

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