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How to Choose the Perfect Skylight for your Building
13 Feb

How to Choose the Perfect Skylight for your Building

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When it comes to deciding upon the correct skylight solution for your property, there are a lot of different options available to you. Selecting the right type of skylight is essential to ensure the highest possible levels of light enters the room alongside providing you with the most cost effective option for your requirements.

In an effort to try and assist you, we have briefly detailed the most popular options available.

Fixed Polycarbonate Rooflight

The Fixed Polycarbonate Rooflight is a high quality, universal, skylight system which is available in a wide variety of sizes with either a Double or Triple glazing skin in either a clear or diffused polycarbonate glazing.

A Fixed skylight is non-operable, meaning there is no ventilation provided from this option.

Fixed rooflight

Flat Glass Rooflight

The Flat Glass Skylight range allow you to enjoy a large amount of natural daylight with superb clear views internally. This modern, stylish skylight will provide you with a fresh, clear look both internally and externally.

The frame is comprised of aluminum and has an internal thermal break which allows it to be more energy efficient than other options on the market. It can also be designed so that it fits any existing roof.

Glazed rooflight

Manual Ventilation Rooflight

The Manual Ventilation Rooflight is the perfect way of obtaining fresh air via your skylight. These Manual Ventilation Rooflights are available in numerous different sizes, with Double or Triple layers and in either clear or diffused glazing options. The Manual Ventilation Rooflights are very easy to operate using the winding rod which is supplied with the Rooflight.

This modern design of these skylights not only provide daylight into any room but also provides fresh air and ventilation. This is necessary for establishing air flow, which prevents the buildup of dust or mold spores.

Ventilation rooflight

Polycarbonate Roof Access Hatch

The Opening Access Hatch has been designed to allow safe, occasional access on to any roof space for inspection purposes. It can also be used as a means of escape in an emergency alongside providing natural daylight to any room. The Polycarbonate Roof Access Hatches come complete with a gas spring assisted opening which incorporates a safety hold open stay to prevent accidental closure.

Roof access hatch

Automatic Smoke Detection Rooflight

The Automatic Smoke Detection Rooflight (AOV) has been designed to protect occupants from being exposed to smoke and the toxic elements which are contained within it. They provide a smoke and heat exhaust ventilation system for all Commercial and Residential properties.

The Rooflight is designed using the latest technology and can detect when there is too much smoke in the air, upon which the Rooflight will automatically open to allow an exit point for the smoke, heat and fumes to escape the building.

These rooflights not only help to provide smoke extraction in the event of a fire but they also provide day-to-day controllable ventilation.

AOV rooflight

Roof Lantern

A contemporary, clean, modern range of Roof Lanterns in a variety of standard stock sizes with several colour choices. Glazing options available in either Activ Blue or Activ Neutral.

Roof Lanterns offer the perfect solution to gain light via any current flat roof whilst providing a modern contemporary image to any room.

The unique design of the Roof Lanterns centres around extremely strong, lightweight 40mm aluminium box rafters which give this contemporary range a modern, slim, stylish profile while still maintaining outstanding thermal efficiency with possible U-Value as low as 0.9 w.m2k.


To conclude, there are a large selection of Rooflight options available and it all depends on the requirements of your project alongside your personal preferences for the aesthetics.

If you are looking for a Rooflight which places safety in the forefront then the Automatic Smoke Detection Rooflight would be the perfect solution. Likewise, if you are after a modern, stylish, clean design then either the Flat Glass Rooflight or Roof Lantern options would be a more suitable option.

The decision which you make will vary greatly from project to project. If you should require any further information then please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected] or telephone our offices on 01922 500 145 and we will be more than happy to discuss your options in more detail.

Roof lantern rooflight

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Ventilation Rooflight - Coxdome - Including FREE Winding Rod
£275.00 Ex Tax: £275.00

The manually operated ventilation rooflight offers controllable ventilation by means of a spindle gear and is operated from floor level using a Winding Rod. Maximum ventilation is approximately 300mm. The Ventilation Polycarbonate domes are available in Double or Triple layers and in clear or opal glazing options. Supplied with 150mm splayed upstand. Available in sizes 600 x 600mm, 600 x 900mm, 600 x 1200mm, 750 x 750mm, 750 x 900mm, 800 x 800mm, 900 x 900mm, 900 x 1200mm, 1000 x 1000mm, 1000 x 1500mm, 1100 x 1100mm, 1200 x 1200mm, 1200 x 1800mm. The Coxdome Manual Ventilation dome is a great way of getting fresh air into your room through your skylight  Available in many different sizes, Double or Triple layers and in clear or diffused glazing options. Supplied with 150mm splayed upstand. Features & Benefits of Coxdome Ventilation Rooflight 10 years guarantee! Manually opened with a spindle - FREE of charge winding rod High quality rooflight system Variety of shapes and sizes for all flat roofing types Manufactured from extruded white PVC-u upstand Available in double, triple, clear and diffused skin polycarbonate glazing Excellent waterproofing properties - weathered to the full height of the upstand, water penetration is virtually impossible NOTE: The hole size (structural opening) that needs to be cut for this rooflight is the size of the rooflight. i.e 600x600mm rooflight = Hole size of 600x600mm The Coxdome manual Ventilation rooflight is supplied with a spindle gear and is operated from below using a winding pole. (We include one winding pole with all Manual Ventilation dome orders) Maximum ventilation is approximately 300mm. High quality, cost effective rooflight High Security Fixings as standard  UV Stable PVC-u white upstands Manufactured from 3mm Polycarbonate impact resistant glazing CE Marking according to EN 1873 Class B Non-Fragile, ACR(M)001:2005 Soft Body Tested TP(a) Classification (only achievable with minimum 3mm polycarbonate B-s1-d0 Fire Classification according to BS EN15301:1 2007 Specification   Glazing Light Transmission 'G' Value 'U' Value Sound Reduction (dB) Fire classification Impact Resistance Clear 77% 67% 2.6 W/m²K* 20dB 1-3mm: B-s1-d0 > 200 N/mm2 Diffused 77% 67% 2.6 W/m²K* 20dB 1-3mm: B-s1-d0 > 200 N/mm2 Clear 71% 57% 1.7 W/m²K* 22dB 1-3mm: B-s1-d0 > 200 N/mm2 Diffused 71% 57% 1.7 W/m²K* 22dB 1-3mm: B-s1-d0 > 200 N/mm2 Upstand Our Upstands are designed to provide a watertight thermal break between the Finished roof and the rooflight. They have excellent thermal insulation properties they are a more thermally efficient solution to the standard builder’s kerb and help improve the overall ‘U’ value of the unit. Made from high impact resistant PVC-u all of our Upstands are watertight welded and we use a double wall to add strength. The inside is UV stable ensuring the brilliant white finish so there is no need for internal decoration. All Upstands are compatible with most flat roof membrane systems including single ply, GRP, hot melt, asphalt, liquid and lead.   Height Material Profile Width 'U' Value Fire Resistance 150mm PVC-u 25mm 1.8 W/m2K D-s3-d1 Related Information Polycarbonate Rooflights - Frequently Asked Questions How to Choose the Perfect Skylight for your Building How to bring more Natural Light into your property? How To Replace Skylight Dome? ..

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Tubular Skylight For Pitched Roof Bold Rolled Tiles - Monodraught Sunpipe
£318.00 Ex Tax: £318.00

The SUNPIPE tubular skylight natural daylight system directs sunlight into a room from roof level. The SUNPIPE collects daylight using a patented Diamond dome, using a silverised PVD coated mirror-finished aluminium tube to transfer light to a room, with a ceiling diffuser evenly distributing the light around the room. SUNPIPES are suited to almost any application, and have been installed anywhere from residential bedrooms to the Olympic Handball Arena in London. All sunpipe systems are guaranteed for 10 years Tubular Skylight for Bold Roll Tiles - Pitched Roof Monodraught tubular skylight kit are a revolutionary new way to get natural daylight from rooftops into interiors to brighten dark rooms and underground spaces. These sun pipes are suited to almost any application, and have been installed anywhere from residential bedrooms to commercial properties. Performance Available in 4 different sizes, the larger the size the more light the Sunpipe will pass. Area to be Lit(To a Normal Daylight Condition) SUNPIPE Size Approx 7.5 m2 (80 Sq. ft.) 230 mm (9” dia) Approx 14 m2 (150 Sq. ft. 300 mm (12” dia) Approx 22 m2 (230 Sq. ft.) 450 mm (18” dia) Approx 40 m2 (430 Sq. ft.) 530 mm (21” dia) Tables from research conducted by the University of Nottingham showing output of a 300 mm dia. SUNPIPE to a flat roof application. Light Output Extension Calculation Overall Length (‘X’) No. of Extensions Up to 1200 mm (4 ft) None 1200 mm (4 ft) to 1800 mm (6 ft) One 1800 mm (6 ft) to 2400 mm (8 ft) Two 2400 mm (8 ft) to 3000 mm (10 ft) Three 3000 mm (10 ft) to 3660 mm (12 ft) Four Over 3660 mm (12 ft) add one length per extra 610 mm (2ft) Dimensions Dimensions   230 300 450 530 SUNPIPE Diameter [mm] 230 305 457 535 Roof and Ceiling Opening Ø [mm] 250 320 470 550 Lengths & Bends Smaller sizes have a recommended total maximum pipe length of 8 m. Larger sizes allow for longer lengths to be used. There is a 12% reduction of light output for each 45° bend used and there is a 6% reduction in light transmission for every metre of SUNPIPE. 30° & 45° adjustable elbows can be used with all SUNPIPE applications to direct daylight to where it is required. Specification 1. Acrylic Diamond Dome As Standard we use high impact acrylic in our patented Diamond domes which maximises the penetration of natural daylight. 2. Code 4 Lead Flashing and ABS Collar Code 4 lead flashing plate which will mould to suit any profiled/ bold-roll tile, providing a completely watertight finish. Supplied with an ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene styrene) collar for dome to fit on to. 3. 610 Crimped End Extension Pipe The 610mm extension pipe is manufactured from 0.5mm thick anodized aluminium pipe and is coated with MIRO SILVER® 27/427OAG to maximise reflections and limit light diffusion. The crimped ends fit tightly into the plain ends. 4. 45° Adjustable Elbow The 45° adjustable elbow is manufactured from 0.5mm thick anodized aluminium pipe and is coated with MIRO SILVER® 27/427OAG to maximise reflections and limit light diffusion. It allows to create an offset and the pipe to deviate course when required. Elbow sections can be rotated to achieve different angles. 5. 610 Plain End Pipe The 610mm plain end pipe is manufactured from 0.5mm thick anodized aluminium pipe and is coated with MIRO SILVER® 27/427OAG to maximise reflections and limit light diffusion. 6. Plywood Backing Plate/Template The 4mm thick plywood backing plate/template can be used to 'mark out' the opening at ceiling level and to provide additional structural fixing for the diffuser. 7. 250 Ceiling Extension The 250mm ceiling extension is manufactured from 0.5mm thick anodized aluminium pipe and is coated with MIRO SILVER® 27/427OAG to maximise reflections and limit light diffusion. This provides a permanent joint between the diffuser and plain end pipe. 8. Double Glazed MicroPrism Ceiling Diffuser The double glazed microprism diffuser is designed to offer excellent thermal performance whilst ensuring maximum spread of natural daylight within the space and an even light distribution. The trim is supplied in white as standard. 230mm Sunlumes are provided with a 3-piece polycarbonate diffuser. 9. Installation Pack The installation pack contains silicone sealant, screws, sealed rivets, neoprene washers, brushed nylon condensation seal, aluminium tape and universal installation instructions. Advantages Reduced Carbon Emissions Education Increased achievement rates Reduced fatigue factors Improved health and attendance Enhanced general development Health Care Combats the condition of SAD No maintenance no disruption Typical payback period of 5 - 6 years Retail Addition of skylights proven to produce a 40% increase in sales Offices 20% increase in employee output Reduced absence because of sickness Reduced instances of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) Improved Health Boosted levels of Dopamine, Endorphins, Cortisone, Testosterone in men, and Vitamin D Related Information Monodraught Sunpipes - Frequently Asked Questions Why choose Monodraught SUNPIPE® Designing Sustainable Retail Buildings How to bring more Natural Light into your property? ..

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