No 1 Office Productivity Hack: Natural Light


With the amount of time that an employee spends in an office, it is vital that the office environment is of high standards. Many studies have concluded that there is a significant linkage between employees’ productivity and the quality of their surroundings. Read more >

What The Real Cost Of Fire Protection Means In Buildings?


When you design a building that will be used by lots of people, like a tower block, you need to make sure that the building has the correct level of fire prevention and fire protection equipment. In instances where this isn’t the case, tragedies like the Grenfell Fire can happen. The importance of passive and active fire protection methods are vital for the safety of the intended occupants, but how can you ensure they’re going to be safe? Read more >

7 Things you need to know about Coxdome Firejet AOV EN12102-2 SHEV unit


AOV or Automatic Opening Vent systems control the airflow of smoke in a fire. According to EN12102-2 it is a statutory requirement to have an AOV unit on a new construction. Since 2006, Europe has required that the AOVs meet with the standards set forth in DIN EN12102-2. As a result, many companies have made their versions of AOVs. Majority of these options only go as far as barely meeting the before stated regulations. However, the Coxdome Firejet SHEV exceeds the expectations and requirements ... Read more >

How to Choose Access Panels for Walls & Ceilings


This guide on the different variations of Access Panels, will help you decide which one is best for you. Our panels sizes are measured from the back of the frame; we recommend you add 5mm to the hole sizes (structural opening) so a 600x600mm panel would need to be 605x605mm hole size. For more information, please contact us on [email protected] or 01922 500 145. Read more >

The Health Benefits of Having Natural Daylight Indoors


We’ve researched and put together a small piece to help you understand or maybe help you to explain the health benefits of having natural daylight indoors and its powerful and versatile advantages. Many of us are researching the best ways to improve our health and well-being by searching the best superfoods and vitamins. We’ve discovered that if you are willing to adapt your environment allowing in natural daylight you can wreak substantial benefits. Read more >