AOV or Automatic Opening Vent systems control the airflow of smoke in a fire. According to EN12102-2 it is a statutory requirement to have an AOV unit on a new construction. Since 2006, Europe has required that the AOVs meet with the standards set forth in DIN EN12102-2. As a result, many companies have made their versions of AOVs. Majority of these options only go as far as barely meeting the before stated regulations. However, the Coxdome Firejet SHEV exceeds the expectations and requirements of a standard AOV. Here are 7 things you need to know about the Coxdome Firejet AOV EN12102-2 SHEV Unit.

#1 Variable Sizes

The Firejet opens to a 165 degree access. This allows for ease of entrance and exit to the building in the event of a fire. The system is a One Mechanism Unit, regardless of the size of the product, operating with an extremely low noise level. The sizes of the unit are 1200 x 1200 up to 1200 x 1800mm.

#2 The unit is certified

The Coxdome Firejet AOV EN12102-2 SHEV unit is CE EN12101-2 Certified, obtaining its certificate from the I.F.I Institute Germany. Certification Number 1368-CPD-C-002/2009. The system also features Aa-Value in m2 (aerodynamic effective smoke exhaust surfacing) which meets the SHEV regulations.

#3 The unit is ready for wind or snow

As the unit is a roof fixture exposed to all kind of weather, it is critical that the unit withstand the elements of nature. Apart from being able to ventilate the smoke from the interior, the unit must be able to withstand wind and snow on the exterior. The Coxdome Firejet has a Wind load of up to 1500N/m2 and a Snow load of up to 2400N/m2 allowing for it to face the most rigorous of days with little risk to the unit. The unit can handle low ambient temperatures down to -15 degrees.

#4 The unit reacts to Fire Class E

Apart from the ability to react to the common fire, the unit is also designed to react to electrical fires or E class fires. These fires are caused by the energized electrical equipment as well as overloaded circuitry. Even though the system does have an electrical control board, it is not hindered with Class E fires, it reacts to them.

#5 Designed to take on the heat

Coxdome Firejet AOV SHEV units are constructed with a galvanized steel mechanism. This allows the mechanism to withstand higher fire temperatures before there is any malfunction. The cover of the unit is aluminum. In addition to the metals and the mechanism, the entire unit has been designed with a Heat Exposure of B300.

#6 Control Panel

The AOV SHEV unit allows for the control of up to 2 AOVs. The Control panels are wall mounted and the control panel comes with double power suppliers, a battery and an external priority switch. The dual power ensures that the unit does not have any downtime in its operation just because a battery goes dead or there is a power surge which takes out the priority switch. As safety is the design of the unit having a backup just makes sense.

#7 Options

In addition to the AOV unit there is the option to include other elements with the EN12102-2 SHEV device. These additions include smoke detectors, daily ventilation switches, and an IP40 Fire switch. While these options are not a requirement, they are recommended as they maximize the safety and compliance with EN12101-2 standards. Purchasers of the AOV unit can chose layer variants of clear or diffused. All units are available in double or triple layered skin.



AOV Coxdome Firejet

A bit more information

Trade Access Panels offers devices to both Public and Trade. These products meet or exceed the requirements set forth by the EU. Products include the AOV, Roof Domes, Thermally Broken Roof Hatches, and Retractable Ladders and Sun Tunnels.

If you are looking to purchase a Coxdome Firejet EN12101-2 SHEV Unit but require assistance in determining the best size and features to purchase, please contact Trade Access Panels. More information about the AOVs offered is on the site. However, if you should still have enquiries about the unit you can contact us directly through online Chat, Email, or phone.