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23 Apr Electric Meter Cover
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You asked – We listened. Due to a high demand from our valued customers, we are proud to announce the latest product to our range - electric meter cover:The Fire Rated OverboxOur Fire Rated Overboxes ..
24 Feb Introducing Our Germ Resistant Access Panel
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Access panels are used in pretty much every building in the UK to access concealed plumbing, distribution boards, chimneys, service meters and many other applications that need to be concealed in a wa..
28 Jan Designing Sustainable Retail Buildings
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When it comes to buildings, there are two main types. Those which have been designed to be sustainable, and those which have not. Developing a sustainable structure is not always an easy task, but it ..
14 Oct Natural Ventilation within the Workplace & Home
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Whilst globally we try to develop a vaccine for COVID-19, you may have heard on the news that Scientists have been looking to create approaches that can assist in reducing the spread of viruses (inclu..
14 May Building Regulations For skylights - Rooflights FAQs Answered
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At Trade Access Panels we are often asked questions regarding building regulations for skylights and other questions in relation to Flat Glass Rooflights. We have tried to jot down the most frequently..
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