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The Coxdome manual Ventilation rooflight is supplied with a spindle gear and is operated from below using a winding pole. (We include one winding pole with all Manual Ventilation dome orders) Maximum ventilation is approximately 300mm.The Ventilation Polycarbonate domes are available in Do..

Inc. VAT: £358.80
Upto Floor to Loft Floor Height of 2900mmPlease Note: Measure from floor to loft floor height not floor to ceiling height as ladder is fixed to joists above ceiling height.  Telescopic Loft Ladder is perfect for small hatches with minimal storage space and is easy to install and operate. Thi..

Inc. VAT: £216.00
Upto Ceiling Height of 3390mm The commercial retractable ladder provides an easy solution to ceiling and loft access. Trade Access Panels Zip 4 Retractable ladder is high quality for commercial use, it fits heights of up to 3390mm suitable for use as a fold out loft ladder and can be installed..

Inc. VAT: £1,002.00
Brett Martin Mardome manual vent opening rooflight for flat roof is the standard specification opening dome unit in the Mardome rooflights range. Opening rooflights can provide rapid ventilation. Designed with features to ensure quick and easy installation Mardome Trade is the first choice roof do..

Inc. VAT: £372.00
FlipFix Plasterboard Access Panel is the easiest access panels to install on the market due to the unique FlipFix fitting device. Fitting requires no battening out of the structural opening due to the unique FlipFix Device which clamps the frame on to the rear of the plasterboard. It is manufactured..

Inc. VAT: £40.80
Mardome Reflex Replacement Domes For Skylights are glazing dome only units with flexible fixing positions designed specifically for refurbishment projects where the glazing only needs to be replaced. The unit is supplied with a fixing kit including weathertight washers and cover plugs. Manufactur..

Inc. VAT: £163.20
The SUNPIPE tubular skylight natural daylight system directs sunlight into a room from roof level. The SUNPIPE collects daylight using a patented Diamond dome, using a silverised PVD coated mirror-finished aluminium tube to transfer light to a room, with a ceiling diffuser evenly distributing the li..

Inc. VAT: £381.60
2in1 Aluminium automatic smoke vent system with thermal break and roof hatch designed to EN12101-2. The Actuator arm is offset as standard so this can be used for roof access as well as an AOVThe AOVs can achieve 1m2 airflow and are available in standard stocked sizes or made to any size in between ..

Inc. VAT: £2,220.00
NOTE: remember we take 7mm off to allow for toleranceDual Purpose Shallow Access Panel with extending fixing tabs, 1 Hour Fire Rated, Metal Faced Door, 25mm wide Picture Frame, Budget Lock, Single Door Unit, Powder Coated RAL 9010 30% Gloss. This panel has a Fire Test Certificate up to 1200x600 in a..

Inc. VAT: £66.00
Custom Access Panel - Made To Measure Plasterboard Access Hatch Custom Access Panel - Made To Measure Plasterboard Access Hatch
1hr Fire Rated
NOTE: remember we take 5mm off to allow for toleranceDual Purpose Custom Access Panel FlipFix Plasterboard Access Panel is the easiest access panels to install on the market due to the unique FlipFix fitting device. Fitting requires no battening out of the structural opening due to the uni..

Inc. VAT: £96.00
The Coxdome Electric Vent Rooflight is a great way of getting fresh air into your room through your skylight Available in many different sizes, Double or Triple layers and in clear or diffused glazing options. Supplied with 150mm splayed upstand. Features & Benefits of Coxdome Trade Rang..

Inc. VAT: £566.40
The Coxdome Galaxy Range Replacement Rooflight Domes are a ‘dome-only’ solution and has been designed to be fitted to existing builder’s kerbs or can be used if you want to build your own kerb. The 100mm flanged polycarbonate unit ensures it fits to most kerbs without the need for adjustment an..

Inc. VAT: £138.00
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