Made in Britain

Did you know that the majority of our products are made in Great Britain? You may be wondering ‘why’ this is of such relevance to you as the consumer and what difference it will make to you if the product is manufactured in the UK or overseas, therefore, we have noted just a few benefits of choosing UK made as opposed to importing goods from overseas: -

1. Reducing the Carbon Footprint.

It is as simple as that! By purchasing a product that was made in Great Britain, you are reducing the distance the product has travelled to get to you! If you were to purchase an Access Panel, Loft Hatch or Riser Door, for example, then these would be shipped to you from the manufacturing facility here in the Midlands, UK direct to your door.

2. Employment

Unlike many companies, we are completely UK based. When you call to speak to us, you can be confident that your call will be answered by one of our UK based operatives.

As the products purchased from us are designed and manufactured within the UK, there are a vast number of employees involved – from the Office Administration and Sales staff to the Design and Technical team, the Accounts and Manufacturing department and delivery drivers. Simply, buying British products from ourselves, supports UK industries and helps to protect and create jobs within the UK rather than spending money overseas.

3. A sense of Pride!

If you ask any of your older friends and relatives, we are sure that they will confirm that they have an immense level of pride to say that something was made in Great Britain. Over recent years, with the increased ease of travel and a rise in product importation from overseas, this has somewhat diminished; however, during the recent pandemic and Brexit, it has become apparent that the consumer is again wishing to purchase UK made products wherever possible and the appreciation for the locally made product has increased significantly.

4. Lead-times from Order to Delivery.

If you were to purchase a UK made product, the lead-times will be significantly shorter than that incurred if you were to purchase from overseas. This is of course due to the actual delivery timeframe involved. As A guide, stock size Access Panels and Rooflights would usually be despatched within 1-2 working days from order while bespoke Loft Hatches, Access Panels and Riser Doors are usually on a 5-8 working day lead-time from order.

5. Delivery Costs

The physical delivery costs would usually be higher to import products from overseas as opposed to buying locally manufactured goods. When you purchase a Rooflight, Loft Hatch, Riser Door or Access Panel from Trade Access Panels, you can be rest assured that the goods will be shipped swiftly from one of the UK based manufacturing facilities and delivered to you FREE of charge (*free delivery to Mainland UK during normal weekday working hours).

6. Economic Reasons.

By purchasing a UK made product, you would be helping the British Economy. this will be of specific importance as we try to regain economic stability following the recent COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit.

7. Higher Quality Products overall.

When you buy British made products as opposed to foreign alternatives, you would not only be helping the environment, the economy, and the jobs market but you will also benefit from purchasing a higher quality product than that manufactured overseas due to the rigorous standards imposed by the UK Government.

Please keep supporting UK manufacturing and purchase products which are made in Great Britain wherever possible!