Polycarbonate Rooflights
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Coxdome Fixed Polycarbonate Rooflight
The Coxdome Trade Range is a high quality, universal, rooflight system. Manufactured from extrude..
VELUX® Flat Roof Smoke Ventilation System
Available for 0.88m2  (1000x1000mm) or 1.30m2 (1200x1200mm) of smoke free ventilation area. ..
Coxdome Manual Ventilation Dome - Including FREE Winding Rod
The Coxdome Manual Ventilation dome is a great way of getting fresh air into your room thr..
Coxdome Opening Access Hatch
The Rooftop Opening Access is designed to allow safe, occasional access on to a roof space for inspe..
Coxdome Electric Ventilation
Electric Ventilation Coxdome Skylight The Coxdome Electric Ventilation dome is a great way of get..
Coxdome Galaxy Retrofit
The Coxdome Galaxy Range is a ‘dome-only’ solution and has been designed to be fitted to existing bu..
Coxdome Firejet AOV EN12102-2 SHEV Unit
Coxdome Automatic Opening Ventilator The Jet Cox FireJet EN12101-2 Range provides a smoke and hea..
Coxdome Pyramid Fixed
The Coxdome Pyramid range provides maximum daylight while at the same times offers a sharp, modern, ..