Non Fire Resistant Metal Ladder with Insulated Loft Hatch – Fakro LMK

Strong and robust ladders provides high durability
Delivery: Free Delivery. With you in: 15-20 Working Days
Availability: Assembled to order
Height: Floor to ceiling height (2800mm) or (3050mm)
Structural Opening: Structural opening is the same as size ordered

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FAKRO 3 Section Metal Folding Loft Ladder with Insulated Hatch (LMK Komfort)

The Fakro LMK Komfort ladder is made from strong and sturdy aluminium, and powder-coated in Umbra Grey, for a stylish finish.  The ladder is made up of three sections and comes complete with a pine box and insulated hatch, finished in white.  The use of metal ladder with special hinge structure guarantees high durability, with a load capacity of 200kg.


  • Arrives to you fully assembled and ready for quick installation in the ceiling.
  • Comes complete with pine box and insulated hatch, finished in white.
  • Includes handrail, for easy access.
  • Peripheral seal to ensure ladder aperture remains airtight.
  • Circular embossing of the tread surface prevents slipping while the width of treads enables the ladder to be used safely and with ease.
  • Stile ends made from heavy duty PVC to protect the floor surface from scratching, while also adding to the ladder’s overall stability.
  • 3-year warranty.


  • 200kg load capacity
  • Heat transmission efficiency of U-Value = 1.1w/m2k with insulation thickness of 3cm
  • Hatch thickness of 3.6cm and it has passed to Standard EN14975.
  • Minimum ceiling height requirements for 280cm: 220cm for a 3 section loft ladder
  • Minimum ceiling height requirements for 305cm: 245cm for a 3 section loft ladder
  • Ladder Segments – 3
  • Tread length – 34cm
  • Tread width – 8cm
  • Distance between treads – 25cm
  • Box height – 14cm
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Assembled to order

Lead Time

15-20 Working Days

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Technical Specification

Measuring Guide

Available in these stocked sizes:

Ceiling opening dimensions [cm] AxB 60×120 70×120 70×130 70×140 60×130 70×130 70×140
Maximum Room height [cm] H 280 280 280 280 305 305 305
Minimum Room Height [cm]* Hmin 220 220 220 220 245 245 245
Height to be reached to operate ladder [cm] X 220 220 220 220 245 234 245
Box external dimensions [cm] 58×118.4 68×118.4 68×128.4 68×138.4 68×128.4 68×128.4 68×138.4
Box internal dimensions [cm] 54×114 64×114 64×124 64×134 54×124 64×124 64×134
Height of folded ladder [cm] K 25.5 25.5 25.5 25.5 25.5 25.5 25.5
Swing space [cm] R 157 157 157 157 175 175 175
Distance after ladder unfolding [cm] C 118.5 118.5 118.5 118.5 127 127 127
Box Height – [cm] 14 14 14 14 14 14 14

* for rooms lower than the maximum standard height H please adjust the length of the ladder according to the assembly instructions.

Bespoke sizes available on request.


Tread length [cm] E 34
Tread width [cm] 8
Distance between treads [cm] 25
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  • How much will the delivery cost?

    We offer FREE Delivery to Mainland UK during normal weekday working hours on all products across our range. Delivery charges may apply to other areas of the UK. Delivery costs will update at checkout if any additional costs are required. If in doubt, then please get in touch with our sales team.

    Please note that we cannot guarantee any delivery dates or delivery times, and we will not be held responsible for any losses incurred due to late delivery.

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  • What if my order arrives damaged?

    You can view our returns and refund policy here. Should you have an issue with an order, please contact us here and we will aim to resolve any issues.

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  • How are deliveries made?

    All deliveries are made by courier. A signature is usually required for all deliveries, and therefore please assist us by ensuring that someone will be available to sign for the goods. Redelivery charges may be incurred for aborted or redirected deliveries.

    Please note that we cannot guarantee any delivery dates or times, and we will not be held responsible for any losses incurred due to late deliveries.

    If you should have a specific delivery requirement, then please get in touch and we will use our best endeavours to assist wherever possible.

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  • Delivery Times for Loft Hatches

    The current lead-time can be confirmed at point of Order, however delivery is usually within 5-10 working days from Order (weekday working hours only).

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  • Delivery Times for Fakro Loft Hatches

    Delivery usually takes place within 2-3 working days from receipt of Order (weekday working hours only).

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  • Are loft hatches a standard size?

    There are common sizes for loft hatches, and to conform to building regulations, they often need to measure 562mm x 726mm. However, there are other sizes available which you can see listed below, and you can also consider a bespoke loft hatch from Trade Access Panels. 

    • 450mm x 600mm
    • 600mm x 700mm
    • 700mm x 900mm
  • 11702
  • Does a loft hatch need to be fire rated?

    Not all loft hatches must be fire-rated, but typically under the building regulations for any property with three or more storeys, loft hatches must be fire-rated.

  • 11704
  • How to measure a loft hatch?

    To measure for a loft hatch, you must go into the loft and measure the distance between the joists of the ceiling where you want to place the hatch. Most modern properties use standardised measurements, but older properties may have unconventional sizes. Once you know how much space there is between the joists, you can select an appropriate size loft hatch for your property.

  • 11705
  • How to insulate a loft hatch?

    You can purchase insulation material to cut to size and fit on the back of the loft hatch. To help reduce draughts from your loft hatch, you can also use insulating foam strips to ensure a tight seal around the edges of the hatch.

  • 11706
  • How to fit a loft hatch?

    Fitting a loft hatch can be tricky unless you have plenty of DIY experience, so it may be best to leave it to the professionals. However, if you plan to do the job yourself, you must measure between the loft joists and ensure that you place the hatch centrally.

    Once you have measured this out, you need to cut the hole where your loft hatch will be and ensure it is no more than 7mm larger than the loft hatch. You then need to remove the door from the loft hatch and fix the frame in place using the fixings provided.

    Once your loft hatch frame is in place, you can install the door, and you will now have a fully working loft hatch.

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  • What size of Loft Hatch is required?

    Our stocked insulated loft hatch with picture frame meets Part L of the Building Regulations U-Value 0.034 W/m2K which when installed provides the Clear Opening size of 520 x 620mm which meets the latest NHBC Guidelines. A good starting point is to work out the size of loft hatch you require so that we can manufacture you a Hatch to suit. Ideally, we need to know the structural opening size (hole in the ceiling) with the existing hatch (if any) removed. We will then make the metal frame of the hatch 7mm smaller to ensure that it will fit neatly and easily into this hole.

    We would also suggest that you install a Loft Hatch which is as large as possible to make it as easy as possible for you when trying to store your luggage, old children’s toys, Christmas decorations and other bulky items within your loft. Additionally, if you are going to be installing one of our Loft Hatch with Ladder options or a separate Loft Ladder, then you need to ensure that there is enough room to accommodate the Loft Ladder, both within the hole and also within the loft space itself.

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  • Will my new Loft Hatch be insulated?

    As standard, all Loft Hatches are insulated. The non fire rated lightweight Draught Sealed Loft Hatch incorporates a 40mm thick Danopren TR40 Insulation infill to the rear of the door to help the Hatch achieve the required U-Value of 0.034 W/m2K. The Fire rated loft hatch option comes with a metal backing to the plate on the door and rockwool insulation (please note that this does make the door approx. 5kg heavier than the non-fire rated option).

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  • How can I Order my new Loft Hatch?

    We have made it even easier for you and you can now order most sizes of Hatch’s online via our website. Alternatively, you can of course either telephone or email our sales team to discuss your requirements and order.

  • 12234
  • Can I have an Air Tight Loft Hatch?

    We can make Air Tight Loft Hatches however these are more costly than the standard insulated Loft Hatches which are supplied with draught seals on all four sides as standard. Our air tight Loft Hatches have an Airtight Rating tested in accordance with EN 1634-3:2004 & BS 5368: Part 1: 1976. If this is something you require please speak to one of our team on 01922 500 145 or

  • 12235
  • Can I have a Plasterboard Door Loft Hatch?

    Unfortunately, we do not provide Plasterboard Door Loft Hatches as we find that over time the plaster can crack and become unsightly. We can however offer a dust primed option which can be painted when installed each time you paint the ceiling to match. This could be provided with either a Beaded or Picture frame.

  • 12236
  • Can I have a Plastic Loft Hatch?

    We do not offer a Plastic Loft Hatch option, The metal ones look so much better as they are only 1mm thick Picture frame/architrave and last longer.

  • 12237
  • What Guarantee or Warranty will my Loft Hatch be covered by?

    As standard, the Loft Hatch would come with a 10 year guarantee.

  • 12238
  • How long will it take to install my Loft Hatch?

    This is a tricky one for us to answer and is dependent upon your capabilities and experience. On average, we would say in the region of 20-30 mins.

  • 12239
  • How do I open/close my Loft Hatch?

    As standard, the Loft Hatch is supplied with a Metal Tee-Key (approx. 100mm in length). We can also provide an extended Tee-Key if required.

  • 12240
  • When the door opens, will it swing and cause injury?

    If the door is large, we would supply the Loft Hatch with Safety Wires as standard. If it is to be very heavy then would suggest dampers be fitted however this can be a costly option.

  • 12241
  • Can I have a larger or smaller picture frame on my loft hatch?

    Yes, we can make the picture frame as wide as 100mm or as little as no picture frame at all; we can even make the picture frame different measurements on all 4 sides

  • 12242
  • What colour is the loft hatch?

    The standard colour is RAL9010 White, however we can powder coat the Loft Hatch in almost any RAL colour required. Alternatively we can offer in a dust primed option ready for on site decoration which enables you to paint the Loft Hatch the same colour as your ceiling.

  • 12243
  • What is the u value of our Loft Hatches?

    This Product achieves a U Value of 0.34 W/m2K.

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