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Flat Roof AOVs

AOV Smoke Vent System Rooflight - Mardome AOV Automatic Smoke Ventilation
£1,230.00 Ex Tax: £1,230.00

10 years guarantee. Brett Martin Mardome Trade AOV Smoke Vent System Rooflights are individual polycarbonate domes intended for easy installation on flat roofs of all modern building types. AOV Automatic Smoke Ventilation provide natural smoke and heat exhaust, as well as comfort ventilation. ..

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Automatic Smoke Vent - Coxdome Firejet AOV EN12102-2 SHEV Unit
£1,495.00 Ex Tax: £1,495.00

The Jet Cox FireJet EN12101-2 Range provides an Automatic smoke vent and heat exhaust ventilation system for all Commercial and Residential applications. Supplied factory assembled and factory tested all products are certified to CE EN12101-2.  Features & benefits of Coxdome AOV Smok..

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2in1 Smoke Vent System - Aluminium AOV Roof Hatch
£1,750.00 Ex Tax: £1,750.00

2in1 Aluminium automatic smoke vent system with thermal break and roof hatch designed to EN12101-2. The AOV also offers push button comfort ventilation. This one stop solution for smoke vent requirements to meet building control can achieve 1m2 airflow and are available in standard stocked siz..

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Velux Smoke Vent for Flat Roof - VELUX®
£1,495.00 Ex Tax: £1,495.00

Available for 0.88m2  (1000x1000mm) or 1.30m2 (1200x1200mm) of smoke free ventilation area. Sizes listed are structural opening sizes. (size of hole in roof) The VELUX Smoke Vent is perfect for buildings which are required to meet safety requirements while providing comfort for th..

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Trade Access Panels provide a range of Flat Roof AOVs (Automatic Opening Vent) Smoke Ventilators including those specifically designed for both Flat or Pitched roofs.

Flat Roof Smoke Ventilators (AOV) are electrically operated smoke vents designed to allow the release of smoke from buildings in the event of a fire and are fitted to flat roofs. They are often fitted within the roof of stairways or corridors. You can also use the Smoke Vent/AOV as a means of natural ventilation into the building alongside the removal of smoke/heat if a fire should break out.

We offer AOV’s which can also be used as a Roof Access Hatch if required (this is a bespoke option).

Trade Access Panels offer Smoke Vent options which are available in both polycarbonate and aluminium. Aluminium Smoke Vents can be powder coated in a variety of RAL colours to suit almost any requirement. If you should have any queries or require any further information, then please do not hesitate to ask a member of our dedicated Sales Team – 01922 500145[email protected]